A look back at 2012


Is it just us, or has the beginning of this year totally flown by!  From the crazy holiday season straight into the excitement of wedding season, there haven’t been a lot of chances to reflect on how wonderful 2012 was.  We are really excited to be pulling together new designs to show off at the National Stationery Show, but I thought it would be fun to take a look at what popular in 2012.  I tallied up all the numbers and found that Hoisette, one of the invitations featured in our newer purple wedding album, beat out all the other designs by almost double!!  It’s no surprise to me, its one of my favorites too!


So what makes Hoisette so amazing?  I think it’s a great combination of traditional and modern, keeping the layout and fonts classic but bringing in a bit of fun with the lanterns to freshen it up.  When I used to work with brides interested in themed invitations one of the questions I would always ask is “in 10 years will you love this theme as much as you do now”.  Natural elements are really trendy right now, and this oak tree silhouette captures that without being too themed.

The Hoisette suite also can work with a wide range of seasons and wedding colors.  Here are some examples of different color combinations we have paired with this invitation:


I love all the ways our retailers and brides have come up with to make Hoisette their own.  I can’t wait to see what customizations everyone comes up with for our new designs!


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