Lovely Liners


I love paper… a lot.  When it comes to stationery there are few things I love more than a hand lined envelope, which is why I am so pleased to announce that Tag and Company is now offering envelope liners!   If you are looking for a traditional solid color liner we have access to all of the Waste Not paper colors.  If you are looking for a color not offered there we can also special order other colors for a small fee.  Just let us know what color you are interested in!  If you are looking to jazz up the inside of your envelope with a printed pattern we are going to be offering printed liners in the next couple of weeks. From stripes to chevron, flowers to custom patterns and text, we can do it all (just like with our fabulous invitations)!  I pulled together some of the solid colors we have used recently to get your creativity flowing, my personal favorite is a solid white liner with a colored envelope, it just looks so sharp!


As soon as we get some samples together for the printed liners I will post them, so keep an eye out!  If you have any questions about our new liners please don’t hesitate to call or email!


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