Make it your own


We got a lot of invitation orders that look exactly as they do in the album, which is great, we love that you love them!  What is even more fun is to see how customers take the ideas of our invitations and make them their own.  At Tag and Co we want you to customize, put a bit of yourself and your event into the invitations, that makes them truly special.

Colors, fonts, even the design itself can be changed for no additional charge, so why not!  I know it can be hard to visualize something not shown, but that’s what the proofing process is for.  Pull in designs from other invitations, take motifs away, add others in, turn the reply card design into the invitation, go crazy!

My sister is very fond of anything nautical, so when I first saw the Stewartia invitation it made me smile and think of her.  In case you aren’t familiar with Stewartia, here it is:


It’s not just fonts and colors that you can play around with, to show you how to take Stewartia and make it your own here are some design ideas:

1.  Looking for something a little more traditional?  Change the cartouche border to a more classic double line border and it totally changes the look.

2.  Maybe your wedding is a little more casual and fun.  Keep the cartouche border and give the card a chalkboard background and you are good to go!

3.  I am more of a northeastern beach kind of girl, there are few things better than rocky shores, seersucker dresses, and cool summer nights.  I love the idea of taking the stripes from Stewartia and turning them into seersucker, and with a calligraphy inspired font its perfect for a Cape Cod wedding!


Maybe you don’t need a wedding invitation, perhaps you are looking for a save the date or party invite.  You can take any invitation from any of our albums, and use them for just about, well, anything!

4.  Tying the knot at the beach?  Nothing like a nautical themed save the date!

5.  I love the pattern from the insert card from Stewartia.  With a beach themed invitation it looks like bubbles, but the abstract circle pattern could really work for anything!  I love the idea of an under-the-sea themed shower, how cute are the mommy-child seahorses!

stewartia ways 1

stewartia ways 2

As you can see, we want you to use our invitations as creative jumping-off points to make something that is truly special and unique to your event.  If you ever need design ideas or suggestions please give us a call, that’s what we are here for!


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