Lovely trend: Watercolor and Ombre!


As with fashion and architecture, the invitation business goes through trends.  Just like with fashion, its important to find the trends that work for you, especially for something as important as your wedding invitation (in 10 years, we still want you to love it).  For example, I am a pretty classic and simple person, I sleep in my pearls and own way too many sundresses.  I love the neon trending in stationery right now, those fun pops of color take anything to a whole new level.  Do I think I could pull off using neon on my personal stationery? Probably not (although thats not to say I couldn’t use it on an awesome printed envelope liner).  But the fun part is to take those trends and make them your own!


I am loving all of the watercolor and ombre I have been seeing in weddings recently.  It is a trend that I think will really stand the test of time, and I love that it can fit into so many styles, whether you are having a traditional wedding or going for a more modern feel.  At Tag our beautiful giclee printing method makes us perfectly suited to rock this trend. Because we flat print, we can print as many ink colors as your heart desires for no additional charge!  Looking for something totally one of a kind?  Let us know, we love doing custom work, send us your ideas and we will get you a quote (typically around $65, depending on how involved the custom work is). Here are a few of my favorite watercolor and ombre invitations (including some more sneak peeks at our new albums)!



Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean it can’t be timeless, the more important thing is to take that trend and put your own twist on it.  As long as you are staying true to yourself, you will never be out of style!


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