‘Chalk’ it to me



I am loving all of the chalkboard accents I have seen popping up at weddings, showers and parties recently.  The playful neutral background can work at just about any event, whether being used for seating charts, signs, menus, photo booth accessories etc.  They definitely add a bit of fun, charm, and personality to your party.



With our wonderful flat printing on our specially coated photo paper there is no one that prints a chalkboard background better than Tag and Co, and we have been seeing a lot of requests coming in for it!  In our new Wedding and Occasion albums we included several chalkboard designs, shown here



Of course we aren’t limited to those designs, we can incorporate the chalkboard look into just about any of our cards!  And don’t feel like you need to limit your text color to white, bright colors pop really nicely off the chalkboard background too, just look at the flowers!  Here are the customizations shown below: 1. Sofia, from new Wedding album, a classic look with a twist  2. Larissa, from the new Wedding album, for a more modern/clean look  3.  Gerca, from the new Occasion album, the chalkboard background brings a great casual look to this invite 4. Almeria, from the new Occasion album, I love the way the bright colors pop off the chalkboard background, I think this would be great for a bridal shower  5. Cachi, from the new Occasion album, the chalkboard really gives this invite a rustic feel, I love this look for a more casual outdoor event.



I personally love mixing the chalkboard cards with fun colored envelopes, the paper bag envelopes in particular look really wonderful with them.  As always, if you have any questions about customizations please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email, that’s what we are here for!


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