Home Sweet Home


Tag and Company’s most recent albums, released at the end of last year (the blue Occasion Collection and brown Wedding Collection) have been such a hit!  The most popular designs have been those that incorporate a bit of geography to them; what better way to announce your event’s location than an image of the city skyline or a state outline?  Here are the album designs that feature those elements


For our Carlisle or Bristol designs, we of course have every state outline available (and we can also go international, below we show a sample with Puerto Rico, but can also do Italy, France, Mexico, wherever the wedding is we can make it happen).  Here are a few customizations we have done of those styles

georgraphy 2

The city skyline idea has been by far the most popular, whether for save the dates, wedding invitations, or parties!  We show two main styles:  the Hanover style, which is a silhouette of the skyline, or the Madryn style, which is a line drawing of the skyline.  For the silhouette look, we have all major cities available, just call or email us if you have a particular city in mind, chances are we have it!  For the Madryn style, we can actually take high resolution photos of the skylines and convert them to look like line drawings, so the sky is the limit!  We can also use this affect on things other than skylines, we had a customer looking for a line drawing of the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, and we were able turn it into a beautiful chalk drawing!  Here are a few of the city skyline customizations we have done

georgraphy 3

Want to incorporate some home-town pride in a more subtle way?  We can also do vintage maps as printed envelope liners, as shown on our Seville ticket-style invitation (which features the city of Chicago).  I have been able to find maps for a lot of cities, if you are looking for one in particular please call and email and I will see what I can find!  If a map is requested, please let us know if there is a part of town you would like highlighted, or if you are just looking for a general map of the city.  We can do color, sepia tone, or black and white!  Here are a couple of examples of cities we have done recently

geo liners

We are now in the final stages of putting together our brand new Black Album, which will feature new print methods for Tag and Company, including letterpress, foil, and thermography.  Continuing with the popularity of our location-specific designs, we will be showing a beautiful vintage skyline card in the letterpress (New York City will be featured, but as always we can do any city!), so be on the lookout for that, we can’t wait to see how creative everyone gets with the new designs and print methods!


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