Sneak Peak!


In the next couple weeks we will begin shipping our Black Album, our newest wedding album featuring letterpress, foil, and thermography printing.  We could not be more excited about it, the more time I spend assembling them the more I fall in love with all of the designs and the beautiful new (for Tag) print methods.  I know everyone has been chomping at the bit to get these, so to tide everyone over I thought I would post a few sneak peak images of my personal favorites so far!

I am from the East Coast and am a sucker for anything nautical, preppy, or navy, so the Del Mar suite was a clear favorite for me.  Del Mar is printed on a thick 600 GSM cotton paper, with a blind embossed rope pattern in the background  (more visible in the far right photo) and navy ink for the text and motif.  I especially love the pop of red on the edge painting and in the anchor-patterned liner.  I love the idea of the blind embossed pattern across the back, we will also be showing another suite with this idea featuring a quatrefoil pattern, and its the perfect amount of sophistication without overwhelming the design of the card; it’s great for the more traditional bride who still wants a bit of a design involved!

del mar

The Shafer suite, shown below, is another favorite of mine.  I really do love a chevron pattern on anything but for a wedding it just feels so fun!  From far away the background pattern looks like a standard chevron pattern, but up close you can see striping detail within the pattern which makes the card pop (detail shown in far right photo).  The line detailing is repeated in the envelope liner which really pulls it all together.  The blue and charcoal coloring is a lovely match to the suite, but this design would work well in just about any color!


It is impossible for me to pick a favorite from our new foil cards, so I thought I would show a couple of them!  The firework design is shown in a light gray letterpress paired with a bright cobalt foil which looks absolutely amazing in person, like the fireworks are actaully bursting off the page!  The navy stock with gold foil is a more traditional design, but the shine of the foil really takes it to the next level.  I love the scattered dots of the middle design, which pair black letterpress and a purple foil.  I think this card would be amazing for a birthday party as well, it feels so joyful.  The last foil sneak peak is a take on our Sophia design from our brown Wedding Collection, which looks beautiful in a rose gold foil on an ecru 600 GSM cotton paper.


This is just a taste, there are so many more amazing designs to see (about 35 new designs will be featured in the album).  We can’t wait for everyone to see the finished product!  As always, everything will be fully customizable and we can always mix and match elements, bring in elements from previous albums, or create something totally custom for you!  Please contact us in the meantime if you have any questions about letterpress, foil, or thermography from Tag and Co, or if you are looking for a quote.



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