Park City

beautiful day

Sometimes at the end of a long week its easy to forget how lucky we are to be in Park City, Utah.   We still have snow on the ground, but I am guessing that wont be for long with all of the 60 degree days we have been having!  I think Utah weather might just have DC beat (although its not summer yet, it will be my first here and I am a little nervous).  For now I thought I would share just a bit of what we get to see every day!




Make it your own


We got a lot of invitation orders that look exactly as they do in the album, which is great, we love that you love them!  What is even more fun is to see how customers take the ideas of our invitations and make them their own.  At Tag and Co we want you to customize, put a bit of yourself and your event into the invitations, that makes them truly special.

Colors, fonts, even the design itself can be changed for no additional charge, so why not!  I know it can be hard to visualize something not shown, but that’s what the proofing process is for.  Pull in designs from other invitations, take motifs away, add others in, turn the reply card design into the invitation, go crazy!

My sister is very fond of anything nautical, so when I first saw the Stewartia invitation it made me smile and think of her.  In case you aren’t familiar with Stewartia, here it is:


It’s not just fonts and colors that you can play around with, to show you how to take Stewartia and make it your own here are some design ideas:

1.  Looking for something a little more traditional?  Change the cartouche border to a more classic double line border and it totally changes the look.

2.  Maybe your wedding is a little more casual and fun.  Keep the cartouche border and give the card a chalkboard background and you are good to go!

3.  I am more of a northeastern beach kind of girl, there are few things better than rocky shores, seersucker dresses, and cool summer nights.  I love the idea of taking the stripes from Stewartia and turning them into seersucker, and with a calligraphy inspired font its perfect for a Cape Cod wedding!


Maybe you don’t need a wedding invitation, perhaps you are looking for a save the date or party invite.  You can take any invitation from any of our albums, and use them for just about, well, anything!

4.  Tying the knot at the beach?  Nothing like a nautical themed save the date!

5.  I love the pattern from the insert card from Stewartia.  With a beach themed invitation it looks like bubbles, but the abstract circle pattern could really work for anything!  I love the idea of an under-the-sea themed shower, how cute are the mommy-child seahorses!

stewartia ways 1

stewartia ways 2

As you can see, we want you to use our invitations as creative jumping-off points to make something that is truly special and unique to your event.  If you ever need design ideas or suggestions please give us a call, that’s what we are here for!


Puppy Love

peak behind curtain

There is no such thing as a boring day here at Tag and Company.  I am normally running around like a crazy person until about 3pm when things start to settle down.  If I am not running around you can be sure our two mascots are: lovely and sweet Roxanne (outer spoon) and brand new energetic Senna (inner spoon).  Senna has only been here for a few weeks but I can tell she loves Tag already.

photo (2)

Senna has taken a particular interest in what we do here at Tag and Company, here she is helping us gather up envelopes for an order =)

photo (1)

It is impossible to not love that face.  We are kind of nuts about our dogs here, so dont be surprised to see more shots of them getting into all kinds of trouble!


Lovely Liners


I love paper… a lot.  When it comes to stationery there are few things I love more than a hand lined envelope, which is why I am so pleased to announce that Tag and Company is now offering envelope liners!   If you are looking for a traditional solid color liner we have access to all of the Waste Not paper colors.  If you are looking for a color not offered there we can also special order other colors for a small fee.  Just let us know what color you are interested in!  If you are looking to jazz up the inside of your envelope with a printed pattern we are going to be offering printed liners in the next couple of weeks. From stripes to chevron, flowers to custom patterns and text, we can do it all (just like with our fabulous invitations)!  I pulled together some of the solid colors we have used recently to get your creativity flowing, my personal favorite is a solid white liner with a colored envelope, it just looks so sharp!


As soon as we get some samples together for the printed liners I will post them, so keep an eye out!  If you have any questions about our new liners please don’t hesitate to call or email!


Coming soon!


We are all very excited about the new designs coming out at the National Stationery Show in May, but I thought it would be fun to give you a little preview!  One of the new things we are pulling in is city skylines, so a bride can customize her save the date or wedding invitation to the city she is getting married in.  We are going to be offering most major cities, some with a few different image options, so please let us know if you have any specific requests.  Here is a save the date featuring the San Francisco skyline…
STD - skyline san fran
Even for a more traditional bride a city skyline really personalizes a save the date in a fun way without going overboard on design.  As always colors, layouts, etc. can change!  Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks!


A look back at 2012


Is it just us, or has the beginning of this year totally flown by!  From the crazy holiday season straight into the excitement of wedding season, there haven’t been a lot of chances to reflect on how wonderful 2012 was.  We are really excited to be pulling together new designs to show off at the National Stationery Show, but I thought it would be fun to take a look at what popular in 2012.  I tallied up all the numbers and found that Hoisette, one of the invitations featured in our newer purple wedding album, beat out all the other designs by almost double!!  It’s no surprise to me, its one of my favorites too!


So what makes Hoisette so amazing?  I think it’s a great combination of traditional and modern, keeping the layout and fonts classic but bringing in a bit of fun with the lanterns to freshen it up.  When I used to work with brides interested in themed invitations one of the questions I would always ask is “in 10 years will you love this theme as much as you do now”.  Natural elements are really trendy right now, and this oak tree silhouette captures that without being too themed.

The Hoisette suite also can work with a wide range of seasons and wedding colors.  Here are some examples of different color combinations we have paired with this invitation:


I love all the ways our retailers and brides have come up with to make Hoisette their own.  I can’t wait to see what customizations everyone comes up with for our new designs!




This is a place where we hope to share all of the exciting things going on at Tag and Co, including news, custom work, inspiration, and fun new designs.  We are turning our website into a tool that will help you create the perfect invitation for any event,  we have a lot of ideas cooking that we cant wait to share, and this will be the place to find out more!  We also hope that you will share feedback, we want to hear your ideas for designs and products!  Keep checking back for more, let us know what you would like to see from us!