Sneak Peak!


In the next couple weeks we will begin shipping our Black Album, our newest wedding album featuring letterpress, foil, and thermography printing.  We could not be more excited about it, the more time I spend assembling them the more I fall in love with all of the designs and the beautiful new (for Tag) print methods.  I know everyone has been chomping at the bit to get these, so to tide everyone over I thought I would post a few sneak peak images of my personal favorites so far!

I am from the East Coast and am a sucker for anything nautical, preppy, or navy, so the Del Mar suite was a clear favorite for me.  Del Mar is printed on a thick 600 GSM cotton paper, with a blind embossed rope pattern in the background  (more visible in the far right photo) and navy ink for the text and motif.  I especially love the pop of red on the edge painting and in the anchor-patterned liner.  I love the idea of the blind embossed pattern across the back, we will also be showing another suite with this idea featuring a quatrefoil pattern, and its the perfect amount of sophistication without overwhelming the design of the card; it’s great for the more traditional bride who still wants a bit of a design involved!

del mar

The Shafer suite, shown below, is another favorite of mine.  I really do love a chevron pattern on anything but for a wedding it just feels so fun!  From far away the background pattern looks like a standard chevron pattern, but up close you can see striping detail within the pattern which makes the card pop (detail shown in far right photo).  The line detailing is repeated in the envelope liner which really pulls it all together.  The blue and charcoal coloring is a lovely match to the suite, but this design would work well in just about any color!


It is impossible for me to pick a favorite from our new foil cards, so I thought I would show a couple of them!  The firework design is shown in a light gray letterpress paired with a bright cobalt foil which looks absolutely amazing in person, like the fireworks are actaully bursting off the page!  The navy stock with gold foil is a more traditional design, but the shine of the foil really takes it to the next level.  I love the scattered dots of the middle design, which pair black letterpress and a purple foil.  I think this card would be amazing for a birthday party as well, it feels so joyful.  The last foil sneak peak is a take on our Sophia design from our brown Wedding Collection, which looks beautiful in a rose gold foil on an ecru 600 GSM cotton paper.


This is just a taste, there are so many more amazing designs to see (about 35 new designs will be featured in the album).  We can’t wait for everyone to see the finished product!  As always, everything will be fully customizable and we can always mix and match elements, bring in elements from previous albums, or create something totally custom for you!  Please contact us in the meantime if you have any questions about letterpress, foil, or thermography from Tag and Co, or if you are looking for a quote.



Home Sweet Home


Tag and Company’s most recent albums, released at the end of last year (the blue Occasion Collection and brown Wedding Collection) have been such a hit!  The most popular designs have been those that incorporate a bit of geography to them; what better way to announce your event’s location than an image of the city skyline or a state outline?  Here are the album designs that feature those elements


For our Carlisle or Bristol designs, we of course have every state outline available (and we can also go international, below we show a sample with Puerto Rico, but can also do Italy, France, Mexico, wherever the wedding is we can make it happen).  Here are a few customizations we have done of those styles

georgraphy 2

The city skyline idea has been by far the most popular, whether for save the dates, wedding invitations, or parties!  We show two main styles:  the Hanover style, which is a silhouette of the skyline, or the Madryn style, which is a line drawing of the skyline.  For the silhouette look, we have all major cities available, just call or email us if you have a particular city in mind, chances are we have it!  For the Madryn style, we can actually take high resolution photos of the skylines and convert them to look like line drawings, so the sky is the limit!  We can also use this affect on things other than skylines, we had a customer looking for a line drawing of the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, and we were able turn it into a beautiful chalk drawing!  Here are a few of the city skyline customizations we have done

georgraphy 3

Want to incorporate some home-town pride in a more subtle way?  We can also do vintage maps as printed envelope liners, as shown on our Seville ticket-style invitation (which features the city of Chicago).  I have been able to find maps for a lot of cities, if you are looking for one in particular please call and email and I will see what I can find!  If a map is requested, please let us know if there is a part of town you would like highlighted, or if you are just looking for a general map of the city.  We can do color, sepia tone, or black and white!  Here are a couple of examples of cities we have done recently

geo liners

We are now in the final stages of putting together our brand new Black Album, which will feature new print methods for Tag and Company, including letterpress, foil, and thermography.  Continuing with the popularity of our location-specific designs, we will be showing a beautiful vintage skyline card in the letterpress (New York City will be featured, but as always we can do any city!), so be on the lookout for that, we can’t wait to see how creative everyone gets with the new designs and print methods!


‘Chalk’ it to me



I am loving all of the chalkboard accents I have seen popping up at weddings, showers and parties recently.  The playful neutral background can work at just about any event, whether being used for seating charts, signs, menus, photo booth accessories etc.  They definitely add a bit of fun, charm, and personality to your party.



With our wonderful flat printing on our specially coated photo paper there is no one that prints a chalkboard background better than Tag and Co, and we have been seeing a lot of requests coming in for it!  In our new Wedding and Occasion albums we included several chalkboard designs, shown here



Of course we aren’t limited to those designs, we can incorporate the chalkboard look into just about any of our cards!  And don’t feel like you need to limit your text color to white, bright colors pop really nicely off the chalkboard background too, just look at the flowers!  Here are the customizations shown below: 1. Sofia, from new Wedding album, a classic look with a twist  2. Larissa, from the new Wedding album, for a more modern/clean look  3.  Gerca, from the new Occasion album, the chalkboard background brings a great casual look to this invite 4. Almeria, from the new Occasion album, I love the way the bright colors pop off the chalkboard background, I think this would be great for a bridal shower  5. Cachi, from the new Occasion album, the chalkboard really gives this invite a rustic feel, I love this look for a more casual outdoor event.



I personally love mixing the chalkboard cards with fun colored envelopes, the paper bag envelopes in particular look really wonderful with them.  As always, if you have any questions about customizations please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email, that’s what we are here for!


Happy Halloween!


Here at Tag and Co we really enjoy each other’s company, even though we all have our own unique style and personalities when we come together it works perfectly.  It’s no surprise that for Halloween we all showed up dressed as each other!  I opted to go for the classic Tom Cormack look: stylishly layering a few tees from his personal collection (thanks to Lori) with some cool glasses and a hat.  Stephanie, our cutter extraordinaire, and Danielle, our printing master, both showed up dressed as me, cokes included!  (I guess I tend to make a particular face when I am concentrating, so they are modeling that in this photo as well.)



Never a dull moment here at Tag and Co, and that is how we like it!

Take me out to the ball game!


Talk about hitting one out of the park!  A good friend of Tag and Co recently came to us for baseball themed baby shower invitations and they turned out absolutely adorable.  Printed on our white photo paper, we started with a vintage background which reminds me of an worn baseball card.  Using a number of fonts and colors we created a design reminiscent of an old baseball program, but the justified text and playful fonts keep it fun and modern.  We completed the look with a kraft envelope (now one of our standard envelope colors) and a solid navy liner to complement the invitation.


We are always happy to create custom invitations for your one of a kind events.  Fees are assessed based on how much custom work is involved, so just give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will take it from there!  As always please call or email if you have any questions regarding custom invitations, we are here to help!


More Lovely Liners


They are finally here!! Tag and Company is excited to announce that we are now offering printed liners in addition to the solids already offered.  In case you aren’t familiar with the solid colors we offer, here is a helpful chart:


Solid liners are $1.50/each and there is a minimum quantity of 40 when ordering.   Other colors are also available for special order for an additional fee.  Solid envelope liners might add a day or two to production.

In a hurry, wanting to incorporate a color not shown above, or just want something a little more special?  Custom printed liners are the way to go!  We have pulled together a chart with patterns that we think everyone will love, but the sky is the limit, we can literally make a liner pattern out of anything!  Make a pattern that matches your invitation exactly, or do something totally different for a nice contrast when your guests open the envelope (I love the idea of the crosshatch pattern with a floral invitation, it feels like a garden!).  Designs can be printed in any of our ink colors.  We can line any of our envelopes, any size, baronial or deckle.  Want to line a natural white or ivory envelope with a printed pattern?  No problem, we can tint the background of the paper to match the envelope.  Pattern envelope liners cost  just a bit more at $1.80/each, and there is no minimum quantity required.  Here are just a few pattern ideas to get you started:


Here are some shots of our liners in action, I personally LOVE the DC skyline and map!  Please ask us if you are looking for a particular city.

pattern liners

We will be featuring patterned liners in our brand new Wedding and Occasions albums, debuting at the National Stationery Show at the end of the month.  As always, please feel free to call or email us with any questions!


Graduation Time


It’s that fun time of year when everyone starts getting excited about graduation (ok maybe you have been excited for a few months, but now it’s getting close)!  You work really hard for four years (or more), why not commemorate the day you get out with beautiful paper.  Whether its high school, college, or graduate school, you want to let your friends and family know you finally did it!  Add a photo, change the colors to those of your current school (or future school), completely customize the announcement to show your personality.  Any of our designs can be turned into a graduation announcement or party invitation, but here are just a few ideas to get you started:


Once you send your announcements out, people might want to congratulate you with a card or gift, so you will need thank you notes as well.  They can coordinate with your announcements, but don’t have to, have fun with it!  I always like to have a few different styles of stationery lying around, you never know when you will need it.  I always recommend sending a thank you note as soon as you receive a card or gift, then you don’t forget or end up having to write 100 notes at once (you just finished all of those exams, why make life harder for yourself).


Congratulations on getting through school, now reward yourself with some amazing paper!


Lovely trend: Watercolor and Ombre!


As with fashion and architecture, the invitation business goes through trends.  Just like with fashion, its important to find the trends that work for you, especially for something as important as your wedding invitation (in 10 years, we still want you to love it).  For example, I am a pretty classic and simple person, I sleep in my pearls and own way too many sundresses.  I love the neon trending in stationery right now, those fun pops of color take anything to a whole new level.  Do I think I could pull off using neon on my personal stationery? Probably not (although thats not to say I couldn’t use it on an awesome printed envelope liner).  But the fun part is to take those trends and make them your own!


I am loving all of the watercolor and ombre I have been seeing in weddings recently.  It is a trend that I think will really stand the test of time, and I love that it can fit into so many styles, whether you are having a traditional wedding or going for a more modern feel.  At Tag our beautiful giclee printing method makes us perfectly suited to rock this trend. Because we flat print, we can print as many ink colors as your heart desires for no additional charge!  Looking for something totally one of a kind?  Let us know, we love doing custom work, send us your ideas and we will get you a quote (typically around $65, depending on how involved the custom work is). Here are a few of my favorite watercolor and ombre invitations (including some more sneak peeks at our new albums)!



Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean it can’t be timeless, the more important thing is to take that trend and put your own twist on it.  As long as you are staying true to yourself, you will never be out of style!


Happy Friday!

beautiful day

It’s Friday again, yet another beautiful week has passed by here in Park City.  As I was doing the photo shoot for our new Lisbon invite (I use the term photo shoot loosely, as my idea of zooming in is stepping closer) I thought maybe it would be nice to share what I got to see.  Here is a quick look at our backyard at Tag and Company.  Happy Friday, enjoy!



Coming Soon!


I dont know about yall, but I am getting so excited for the National Stationery Show (only a little more than 7 weeks, holy cow)!  It will be my first time going, and I can’t wait to represent team Tag and Company.  We will be coming out with two new albums at the show, Wedding and Occasions (Holiday will be coming out later in the year) and I am really jazzed about all of our new designs.  We are going to be adding stationery to our Occasions album, although in the meantime you know you can make a flat or folded note out of any of our suites (or do something custom).  We are also going to be featuring our new printed envelope liners, which take our already amazing invites to the next level.  Here is a sneak peek of one of my new favorite invites: Lisbon.


The subtle purple and gray stripes really pop against the white photo (and check out that awesome printed liner)!  The fun mix of fonts and colors, paired with the cement envelope, create the perfect understated modern invitation that can work for a number of events.   I am already putting together stationery for myself using this design.  Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks!